4 18 Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Edition with (8GB GDDR5) – Review & Benchmarks | TechStunt Reviews

As the name implies it is a premium GPU sporting heavily oveclocked GTX 1070 core complete with ZOTAC custom cooler and various mighty options, along with a lot more. The basic GP102 layout of the AMP is identical for what you’d expect from other 1070 offerings. With 1920 CUDA Cores, 64 ROPS, 120 TMU and 8GDDR5 GB of memory. What differs is the sheer clock speed that the card runs at. With boost clock advertised to be 1855 mhz, a much higher in practice and over 260 gbps memory bandwidth, thanks to the RAM running over 8200 mhz.

Without the card with no overclocking out part boost over 2000 mhz for sustained periods of time in a closed test rig which is quite impressive. The card rear contains the usual outputs you’d expect, 3 display ports, HDMI 0.2B and the Dual-link DVI port as well.

The card cooler is a bit of a beast with the card measuring almost 13 inches long and 6 inches in height. On the top of the card it has 8-pin connectors. ZOTAC claims that this additional power capacitors and 8 phase power design with high quality and PWM controllers provides more stable clocks and it is hard to argue that all of this does mean the power delivery to the various components and the card will be smoother. And in theory will provide more good performance.

The Cooler features a 90mm triple fan design with the cooler and aluminium fan array, all hooked up to 5 copper pipes. Drawing up heat from the GPU core and other components. The Cooler also sports custom lightening options, allowing you to set custom lightening on the GPU various LED’s. It’s a nice touch and you can have custom lights based upon rest of your rig. ZOTAC does also provide you the option to disable one or both of the lights or simply dim them if you find them too bright.

Switching things to performance and the simple way to describe the performance of the AMP is between the founders edition GTX 1070 and the founders edition GTX 1080. With the sheer number of CUDA Cores for example: remaining identical for the basic entry level GTX 1070 but the clock speed of ZOTAC have managed to wrangle the card, pushes the card performance way too higher than the reference design could ever manage to achieve.

We are not quite sure ready to say that this card is capable of 4k even the 1080 struggles with that. But if you are targeting a more modest resolution, the 1440p or perhaps even overkill 1080p; the AMP extreme offers a clear and marked difference in performance over the reference design that we are accustomed to.

4 20 Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Edition with (8GB GDDR5) – Review & Benchmarks | TechStunt Reviews

It goes as far as to say that the AMP extreme is a compelling card for those who can’t justify the performance of the 1080. Titles such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 7 and Witcher 3 are all certainly playable at 4k but the FPS would sometimes dip below. We believe 1440p is an excellent usage scenario for this card. With enough grunt left over to push, even a little down sampling or perhaps higher levels of Anti-aliasing if you desire.

The only issue with the card is overclocking, given how Pascal GPU boost works and ZOTAC card already extremely aggressive with clock management. Clock tweaking is just limited. With that in mind playing around the various power limits and clock settings of the card provided us only modest boost in actual numbers.

For those who don’t know NVIDIA heavily reworked their architecture, they change the GPU to learn in significantly higher clock speed and also combine that with numerous changes in efficiencies in the graphics pipeline compared to the previous architecture Maxwell. NVIDIA have also added a shadowplay, Geforce experience answer to arsenal of gamers. Shadowplay allows the capture of the game footage using the GPU’s own video encoder to minimize the performance on the system CPU.

So, what’s the overall impressions of ZOTAC GTX 1070 AMP Extreme Edition? Pretty damn positive, the card gleefully performs a reference design 1070. The only negative of this card is that it’s an expensive entry into the market. With that said let us know your thoughts about this card if you have used it and how much did it satisfied you in gaming.

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