Anker a smartphone accessories manufacturer is now planning to extend its reach into other segments of the market. Where Anker is now planning to get into the audio segment with their first product called the Zolo Liberty+ wireless earbuds. There is a catch to it though as Anker is going to support this new project of theirs through Kickstarter. Zolo would be the brand name of Anker related to audio, while Liberty+ earbuds would be the first offering under the Zolo brand name.

zolo12 Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Earbuds Is A Kickstarter Project From Anker

The kickstarter project regarding this new product from Anker is already live. Where the first 500 backers on this kickstarter project will be getting their hands on a pair for just $79. While for the rest the Anker Zolo Liberty+ earbuds will go on sale for $150 instead. Aside from that the first 500 kickstarter backers will be receiving their Zolo Liberty+ wireless earbuds in November, 2017.

zolo09 Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Earbuds Is A Kickstarter Project From Anker

Steven Tang the CEO of Anker also said that their company is paying attention on three important aspects. While making their first wireless earbuds. That includes price, smart features and battery life. Where battery life would be the most desirable aspect of the wireless earbuds. But we don’t think a company like Anker would have any problem in fulfilling this challenge. As the company is also famous for selling numerous battery packs in all shapes and sizes.

74222a488fee71de56f05600e569fcda original Zolo Liberty+ Wireless Earbuds Is A Kickstarter Project From Anker

Steven Tang also said that their engineers have been able to pack in three and half hours of battery life in their Zolo Liberty+ wireless earbuds. While the carrying case of Zolo Liberty+ will provide an additional 48 hours of battery. This makes it a good alternative to what Apple is selling with their AirPods. Where AirPods do deliver up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge. But its carrying case can only store up to 24 hours of battery life as backup.

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What do you think about the upcoming Zolo Liberty+ wireless earbuds from Anker? Would it be a better offering than what Apple and other brands are offering.