ZeroLemon has unwrapped a 10,000 mAh TriCell Extended Battery for the LG  V20.Well it is a very good news if you are user of LG and looking for prolong battery life.

ZeroLemon is battery expert company which currently working with iPhone and Galaxy and now it decided to come up with LG V20.They wanted to introduced Tri-cell Battery Design for first time,They intended to use this in almost flagship in 2017.Through the innovation user may experience triple battery time ,a phone with high capacity.Similarly there are many companies focusing on  the battery time of phones.

LG V20 TriCell Extended Battery

The 10,000 mAh battery for the LG V20 is ready to break through this month. The battery case is also wrapped  with a soft TPU full edge protection case, which enhance  the battery life as well as gives maximum protection to the LG handset. The case also has the shock absorption capability.

maxresdefault 18 ZeroLemon has unwrapped a 10,000 mAh TriCell Extended Battery for LG V20

An official of ZeroLemon said that the case was an essential LG V20 accessory.”There was a essential need for a better and prolong battery life and that’s exactly what we are offering  along with a  LG V20 battery case at a very charming price point, and backed up by our 180 day ZeroLemon warranty,” ZeroLemon claims that casing gives the full guarde to entire handset from internal and external damage

Where To Buy TriCell Battery:

The expectation about the release of the protective battery case for the LG V20 is tangible, as it will enhance the battery capacity of the smartphone.Customers can purchase the 10,000 mAh TriCell Extended Battery protective case for the LG V20  online Amazon from Jan. 18 onwards.

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The LG V20 case from ZeroLemon looks quite strong and measures 6.47 ×3.25 × 0.82 inches. The case is of 8.12 ounces which is not very heavy considering it packs a 10,000 mAh battery. The LG V20 weighs 6.14 ounces, so consumers intended to buy the smartphone need to bear this in mind.

Price and shipment:

The LG V20 case is  priced at $99.99; discounted  for just $59.99 at Amazon in black color.Customers will get warranty of 180 days and guarantee of 30 days.