8 21 Zenimax filed a Lawsuit against Samsung for the Gear Virtual Reality (VR) Headset

It seems Zenimax hasn’t got quite enough of the VR money via lawsuit just yet as they have created a new lawsuit. This time against the Samsung for the gear VR basically saying that it was created at it and of course it makes use of Oculus technology. Now it is obviously known that it makes use of all kind of technology but what do you mean that it was created it.

Basically what the suit is saying is that the formula is executive John Carmack as well as Matt Hooper who had recently been fired from his role as is creative director, formulated a attack plan for virtuality on mobile that would eventually lead to the gear VR.

Apparently John Snuck into the offices in July 2013 and they formulated their “Attack Plan” for mobile VR and then Hooper called his contacts saying that he and Carmack came with a plan and they would undertake this work together at Oculus. So, basically Carmack and  Hooper in the dead of night in there they hatched their dastardly plan to come up with mobile VR.

9 9 Zenimax filed a Lawsuit against Samsung for the Gear Virtual Reality (VR) Headset

The suit is alleging that Samsung’s gear VR uses technology that infringes Zenimax technology and trade secrets because it relies on the Oculus software. They are seeking damages and profits from the sales of infringing works and use of trade secrets and punitive damages. And also seeking the repayment of their attorney fees, court costs and their interests.

This all seems little weird when you remember the ruling of the Oculus versus Zenimax lawsuit. Zenimax were rewarded 500 million in that court case but the jury said that Oculus did not misappropriate trade secrets like Zenimax said. The amount they paid was 200 million for breaking an NDA and 50 million for copyright infringement.

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Zenimax is basically saying that because they gave VR is continuing to say powered by Oculus then surely must make use of Zenimax technology. Even though they didn’t break any secrets that’s what the jury said. So, basically they have come round about still trying ot go after Oculus to trade secrets because they are alleging that the gear VR is using trade secrets. Even though the jury said we kind of get where I’m going with this.

It seems the lawsuit is going to happen and we are going to wait and see what happens next.