YouTube Super Chat Help Live streamer To make Money

youtube logo YouTube Super Chat : monetization For Live streamer and Pin Comment Feature

Super chat is a YouTube chat for live streamer. It is impossible to read chat for the streamer and almost impossible for viewer too because of the comments spam. While watching tournament game on twitch its like over 200 comments per minute at least
and watching a pro gamer stream it is some how readable if there is no spamming.
Now what super chat do is nothing different from twitch “donation or cheer option” that will  give you some dollar and the streamer will notice.
What super chat do different is it will pin your text on top for sometime so everyone can read it.

Features of super chat:

youtube announces super chat YouTube Super Chat : monetization For Live streamer and Pin Comment Feature

You get a color for you Text and it get pinned for time duration
The time duration and Text length is base on the dollar you spent.A super chat can be pinned up to 5 hours.

Will streamer use super chat:

Now the main thing we all streamer are interested is the percentage we will get from the purchases.
So far we don’t know what percentage will streamer get but if YouTube want to compete with twitch and other such apps
and wan to drag some streamer towards super chat they better give high percentage to the streamer.

Super chat will be available in 20 countries on 31 Jaunary 2017 for streamer and in 40 countries for viewers.

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