It’s easy to search for your favorite songs on Youtube when finding just the right track on other online music services is a mess. Google already has a number of options for you other than YouTube for the sole purpose of listening to music, for example, Google Play Music and YouTube Music etc. but now, a brand new service has been launched by Google with the name of ‘YouTube Remix’.

youtube remix YouTube Remix to bring exclusive content for Music lovers around the globe!

The Deal

According to Bloomberg, a deal has been signed between YouTube and two new record labels, namely:

  • Universal Music Group
  • Sony Music Entertainment

The fans of both these music labels are already in billions of numbers and hence, it wouldn’t be difficult for YouTube to gather the expected number of users.

How Things Will Work

YouTube will actually provide the platform for the songs of these labels so that more content can be brought to the streaming service. So basically, YouTube will grab the audience that is currently at Spotify or Pandora through the content that is being produced by the music record labels. These two names are initially in the list and gradually, more names will join in.

1 10 YouTube Remix to bring exclusive content for Music lovers around the globe!

YouTube also hopes to narrow the net against copyrights violators through YouTube Remix service so it would be a sigh of relief for those music producing companies.

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