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Your Android camera app and “Now on Tap” scan QR codes and regular barcodes


The smartphone is serving us in many situations. Smartphone camera is just not only for capture videos and images, you can scan a code reader by using your smartphone camera. Most of the time we realize, would we able to scan QR codes by our smart phone. Now you can do it by installing a simple app in your smartphone. By downloading this app you can not only scan the QR but scan the any type of bar code.

An android user can also scan the regular bar codes and code readers by using their android camera simply and easily. You can choose your default camera or any other substitute for scanning. From your android if you have “Now on Tap” enabled you can use your android phone camera or preferred camera app and start to scan the bar codes and QR. You have to point out the objects in front of the camera app and have to long press on the home button, it will scan the code.

Your Android smartphone must be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or up and must have Google App to use the “Now on Tap” from your Android device. Here are some simple steps you have to follow to activate the feature as:

  • Install the Google App and open it
  • Opt in to enable Now
  • Navigate to “Settings” and tap “Screen search”
  • Enable the topmost toggle (“Asks Google to show you info related to what’s on your home screen when you hold the Home button or search by voice”)

Now you long-press the Home button from your Android smartphone to run on “Now on Tap” so that you can read the content on pointing the bar code and scan QR in front of the camera. The iOS users can follow the same steps by using the Google Chrome.


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