According to the report, Netflix offers the US former president Barack Obama to live stream. The private organization is dealing with Obama to work with the company for a program. The former president is also showing his interest in going live for Netflix. The company claims that the show will have about 118 million subscribers.

The New York Times in a report mentions the Barack Obama will work in  “advanced negotiations” for global streaming service. Many rumors and reports also points out along with Obama, his wife Michelle will also part of the show.

%name You will see Barack Obama in a motivational show series over Netflix, reports

Both will work in a different style. The show will be unique. No politics, or critics of the current president or his administration will include. Instead that he will talk about his life stories that will inspire and motivate listeners and followers.

Netflix will pay to the former president for it. Keep in mind, Obama has 101 million Twitter followers and about 55 million likes on his Facebook page. The motivational stories of the US former president will count a unique show on it. How much you are excited to see Barack Obama in a unique show? Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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