It really annoying to search a file scattered somewhere in your smartphone. Putting your files on the home screen of smartphone is simply clutter the phone. There is solution for every problem for the smartphone. Here the one of the easy way to organize your iPhone is to create the folders and grouping the apps together. For example one of you want to see all music apps together, you can now organize the apps at a single place. On clicking the folder you will see all your favorite group apps.

Making folders on your smartphone is very easy, you have to learn the tricks by following the simple steps on your iPhone.

Make Folders and Group Apps on the iPhone

Create a folder:

The iPhone users have to put at least two apps in the folder that you are wishing to create. You can put your more favorite apps that you use most of time. Point out the app that you want to put in folder.

Tap and hold the desired app

Now Tap and hold one of the apps. On doing that, all the apps on the screen will start shaking. You have to do the same as you do for the re arrangement of the apps on your smart devices.

Drag one of the apps onto the other.

Now simply you have to drag the selected app to the another app that you want to make the group. On doing this you will see the merging of one app to another. Now you have to put off the fingers from the screen, hence the folder is created.

You can rename the folder by the simple way you change the folder name from other devices. Write the name by using the keyboard of your iPhone, after writing you have to tap for done.

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You can also put more apps to the created folder by following the same pattern of dragging the desired app to the folder. Now click the home button from your iPhone so that your changing for apps group and name can be save.