Release date for Tekken 7 is June 2nd 2017, yeah that’s true. Tekken 7 fans must be relieved to know that their favorite fighting video game franchise has got the final date for the release of their favorite game, finally.


The highly anticipated Tekken 7 is thus on the horizon, as confirmed by the official Twitter of the game itself. The game, confirms Namco Bandai is to be launched on ‘PlayStation 4,’ ‘Xbox One’ and of course ‘PC’ while the newest trailer of the same has also been released.

Hopefully, ever since the 2015 release of the game in Japanese arcade, Tekken fans’ anxiety had grown higher and higher until now; after all their wait is over following announcement of home retail release.

The trailer of Tekken 7 ensures that game lovers’ loved characters are all set to being you more fun and more drama. If ‘Nina’ and ‘Jin’  are their to entertain you, so is Heihachi, known for his worst acts and then there’s Kazuya, who doesn’t seem to be out of his ‘wish’ to destroy and eliminate his father.

True fans of the Tekken 7 must be gearing up whether how to grab their piece of luck i.e. the extra benefits coming with the game such as Season Pass or Free Copy of Tekken 6 etc.



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