Yahoo seems to have almost gone through the lower ebbs, as the company has shown tremendous results last quarter. Revenues got better than expected, which improved the stature of the company.  

Screenshot 19 5 Yahoo seems to have survived the lower ebbs   deal with Verizon can be finalised


To be exact, Yahoo’s revenue rocked for more than 15% that increased the earning to $1.47 billion in the final quarter of 2016.

Interestingly, the analysts’ opinions went to nothing when they were beaten by a large margin of $90 million.

The CEO must be happy with the conditions, as the earnings reportedly got better after a year losses. Likewise the Mavens revenue was accounted for  42%, which sharply rose to $590M from $472M along with 36% of traffic-driven revenue in the same quarter of 2016.

Screenshot 20 3 Yahoo seems to have survived the lower ebbs   deal with Verizon can be finalised


Similarly, the total traffic-driven revenue surged to $1.41B in comparison to last year’s digit of $1.22B in the same period.

Great news took place in the arena of mobile revenue that rose to $459M from $291M, while desktop revenue too took a leap from $931 to $955M.

Now analysts believe in other ‘Gods’.

After a teriffic financial performance, clear chances have started to shine for the finalisation of company’s deal with Verizon.

The CEO informs that the two companies have started planning integration for the shift of the core business; however, no time limit can so far be specified, though it is expected to take place in the first quarter.


So far the company has not invited any company’s earnings call with analysts, as the CEO is not available. It raises various questions whether the company has still something in mind regarding the deal or it is the on-going investigations. However, no one is yet ready in the absence of CEO to answer the questions.

Verizon still has to offer the same deal for Yahoo even after Data Breaches

Th issue went to abeyance when Yahoo suffered from two major hack scams, compromising 500 million accounts in the first and 1 billion in the second. The matter is under investigation by several federal agencies.