As accounts would have you think, Yahoo was to change its name to Altaba after it sold itself to Verizon. There has been a small misjudgment regarding that. Yahoo intends to hold its unique name even in the wake of offering itself to Verizon. Just the part, which has not been closed down to Verizon, will be named Altaba. Yahoo’s shareholders retained a portion of the organization’s lucrative ventures, incorporating a 36% stake in Yahoo Japan and a 16% stake in Alibaba.

The arrangement was marked a year ago back in July, where Verizon purchased the web search tool and its web portal for $4.83 billion. The rest of it which hasn’t been sold to Verizon will be named Altaba. This went with the loss of Marissa Mayer and 5 other board individuals. Mayer will allegedly step down from its board, however will keep on being CEO.

Every one of the services like email, search and news will be incorporated with Verizon AOL, however the marked names like Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports will be held.

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The organization has remained an autonomous organization for just about 21 years however this arrangement denote the termination of its independence. It was not only Twitter and SoundCloud that had an unpleasant time a year ago.

After the enormous breach of around 1 billion Yahoo accounts, it is logical for us to ask questions like why Verizon is considering to purchase an organization whose digital security has been badly compromised. This has been the biggest rupture in history.

Marissa Mayer assumed control over the organization in 2012 with the aim of turning it totally around however it was an enormous fail. Under her control, the organization is accounted to have lost $4.4 billion. It would send anyone to the furthest curb of abandoning the organization completely. But Mayer is determined on keeping up her position as the CEO even after the organization is signed off to Verizon. She said a year ago in a Tumblr post that it “is important to me to see Yahoo into its new chapter..”

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That is a commendable quality for a CEO to possess, to see its organization through thick and thin. We’ll have to see how Yahoo will fare in the time ahead.