Piracy in the modern day digital content is thought to be one of the most common issues that the companies are facing. In this scenario, XMBC announced that they are going to add a low-level DRM support in their Kodi application. DRM ensures that there is no piracy of the content with more of a systematic approach. These were the ideas of the company’s Foundation President, Mr. Nathan Betzen. Though the final decision of the company still remains to be seen but the blog post of the company shows some enhancements in the matter.

%name Fair users of Kodi need not to worry about the added DRM support as the company outlines the after effects of the matter
Stakes are high for the company and adding the DRM (Digital Rights Management) support is becoming crucial for the company. The company’s statement regarding the matter goes like:

Thanks to a bunch of ill-informed idiots on YouTube posing as Kodi experts and shady vendors looking to make a quick buck off our backs and take advantage of gullible people, Kodi is generally portrayed as a piracy platform. Meanwhile, Team Kodi takes all the heat. Add to that lazy article authors on several news and media sites and we have the perfect storm. Sadly, for many article authors, hearsay is actually a credible source and click bait their living.

DRM Adds Additional Support For The Fair Usage

Nothing to worry about the update as it is just an added functionality for the fair usage of Kodi. The only point of implementing DRM is to promote legitimate use of Kodi. Even the company made 4 promises in this aspect to ensure that the app is not been taken away

  1. Kodi will never provide content, DRMed or not.
  2. Kodi will never stop working with your content.
  3. We will never prevent you from using Kodi as you so choose.
  4. We do not condone, condemn, encourage or recommend any particular use of Kodi.
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