When it comes to smartphones, processing power matters a lot. Some smartphone manufacturers use SOC’s made by other companies, like the well-known QUALCOMM. While others make their own like Samsung. Among these companies is one named Xiaomi which also uses their own manufactured SOC’s.

The company is now reported to be working on their next SOC, called Pinecone. Basically there would be two models of the same SOC, named Pinecone V790 and Pinecone V670. Now as the name suggests one would be a high end model, while the other would be a low end one.

Xiaomi Pinecone V790 is said to be an octa-core processor. Containing eight cores in total. Pinecone V790 would be running in a configuration of 4+4, where four cores would be of Cortex A73, while the other four cores would be of Cortex A53. The SOC would also be equipped with an ARM Mali-G71 GPU, that contains a total of 12 cores and looks like to be the star of the show.

Compared to Pinecone V790, the V670 would also be running in a configuration of 4+4. But here all 8 cores are running on the same Cortex A53. With the Pinecone V670 the first four cores would be running at a much higher clock speed compared to the other four. Aside from that, the GPU is also on the lower side and will be equipped with a Mali T860 GPU, having a total of two cores.

Both the chips will be designed on a 28nm architecture, where Xiaomi is said to be working with Samsung, to manufacture their new Pinecone SOC. It’s pretty clear that we are most likely to see a low end smartphone equipped with the Pinecone V670 first, until Xiaomi comes up with their flagship smartphone for the Pinecone V790.

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