A third portion is expected in our bargain receptacle arrangement that plans to build up whether you’re in an ideal situation shelling as much as possible for a current enormous flagship or you’d be similarly as fine sparing a couple of notes and selecting a more reasonable option. This time, it’s a somewhat particular match-up that doesn’t exactly experience the ‘deep discounted’ name, yet there still is an extensive value distinction, and it bodes well on another level.

Get acquainted with the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. We thought of this one while looking through Chinese online retailers (like we normally do in our extra time), and discovered that the Galaxy S7 edge can be very costly there, additionally its costs fluctuate uncontrollably between venders, shading options, moon stage, and so forth.

samsung galaxy s7 edge s7 Xiaomi Mi Note 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge how do they fare against each other?
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

We discovered that you can get a S7 edge for CNY 4,800 ($660) in case you’re not after one of the fancier shading alternatives. The Mi Note 2 then again – a humble CNY 2,800 ($390) for the effectively prepared base variant. Clearly that is China and in case you’re anyplace else the ruling Samsung would cost to such an extent, while the Xiaomi dual bended phablet would get a decent (or, truth be told, rather frightful) value spike.

Be that as it may, it’s that ‘dual curved’ piece in the last sentence that commanded this comparison, half price or two thirds. It’s the pioneer in non-level showcases, which perfected the tech more than a few generations of gadgets, versus a challenger utilizing contending boards. There are telephones behind those screens as well, and the similarity in showcases just helped these two get past the entryway.

DEAL; AT only $199 get a Gear 360 and Gear VR.
$ CNY2800 in China
€510/$540 elsewhere
CNY4800 in China
€650/$730 elsewhere
7.6mm thick, 166g
7.7mm thick, 157g
5.7″ OLED
1080p (386ppi)
5.5″ Super AMOLED
1440p (534ppi)
2.35GHz (quad)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
2.15GHz (quad) Snapdragon 820/
2.3GHz (octa) Exynos 8890
64GB/128GB memory
32GB/64GB memory
4070mAh 3600mAh


This small detail is the thing that crown jewels the Mi Note 2’s status as a deal – it’s not accessible outside of China, and definitely not at the same appealing cost. A worldwide rendition exists and it’s the top-specced 6GB/128GB one with a considerably heftier sticker price of CNY 3,500 in China ($500), regardless you have to depend on third-party merchants to get your hands on one. Not so with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which might just be accessible through authority channels wherever there are portable systems.