The smartphone world changes the display technology. The smartphone presented in front of MWC 2017 is powered with OLED display instead of an LCD display. With the change in the technology, demand and competition of the OLED panels is also increasing.

Samsung Electronics, the one of the largest OLED panel supplier partnering with other smartphone manufacturers for the latest technology panels. Apple and Google are partnering with Samsung for the OLED panels for the upcoming smartphone. The latest rumors about the Chines smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is tapping Samsung for OLED displays for the next smartphones.
18b4d16401d2a1438fe7795ba871551c XL Xiaomi is partnering with Samsung for OLED displays

According to the report, Samsung and Xiaomi signed the contract, Samsung will supply Xiaomi OLED 6.01-inch rigid screen. With respect to the contract, tech giant Samsung will ship its first consignment with Xiaomi in this December.

However, the company is liable to deliver 1 million units for the first month of the contract and will supply 2.2 million units in the following month.

Moreover, from the rumors, Xiaomi was planning to invest in the LG OLED panel like the Google and the Apple. The Xiaomi is expected to 5.49-inch OLED panels from the LD, but due to the delay of the LG plant incoming towards operations, Xiaomi change the decision and signed with Samsung.

20170717000956 0 Xiaomi is partnering with Samsung for OLED displays

LG announced the new Plant E5 will start the operations in April, however, LG not full fill the promise and expected to start operations in August. That requires enough time, it is possible the OLED panel resolution may revise from FHD to QHD. Share your views with us by leaving comments in the given section below!

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