Hugo Barra announced earlier this week that he’s going to leave Xiaomi and he’ll be returning to Silicon Valley soon and we are well aware that he is going to end up in Facebook. In Google, Hugo Barra positioned at Senior Android team which he then left to join Xiaomi as the Global Vice President of Xiaomi. He guided the company through the rough patches of international expansion and his effort played a big role in Xiaomi’s growth. But now, its time to find an adventure which he never witnessed before.

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For Team Oculus, Facebook Taps Hugo Barra

After the announcement of the plans to return to silicon valley and depart from Xiaomi, now it is confirmed by Barra that he will be joining Facebook as being the vice president of virtual reality, in charge of team oculus. As joining the post of vice president in Facebook to lead the team of oculus, So excited as Mark posted it here:

“I’m energized that Hugo Barra is joining Facebook to lead the majority of our virtual reality endeavors, including our Oculus group,” says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “Hugo’s in China at this moment, so here we are as one in VR. It appears to be fitting.” Zuckerberg additionally takes note of that Barra offers his conviction that virtual reality and increased reality will fill in as the following real processing stage, and having him on board will open new levels of inventiveness.

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In a remark to Zuckerberg’s declaration on Facebook, Barra says that working in VR has been a fantasy of his notwithstanding when VR and AR were simply thoughts verging at stake of sci-fi. Innovation has made considerable progress from that point forward and VR and AR are assuming progressively vital parts. “There’s no more noteworthy bringing in our industry than taking leap forward tech and making it accessible to the best number of individuals,” includes Barra. “Truly anticipating doing only that at Facebook – taking VR standard.”

Ambitions For the Oculus Virtual Reality

Facebook’s Oculus group has been left without a top pioneer as far back as previous CEO Brendan Iribe bowed out back in December, leaving his position to lead the new PC VR division. Iribe at present manages two Oculus units and Barra will join the shred to deal with VR endeavors over the organization. While VR is not standard right now, Oculus is among the main players in spite of its current turmoil.

Team Photo1 Xiaomi Global Vice president and Ex Android Senior, Hugo Barra Ending up in Facebook To Lead The Team of Oculus, Efforts of Virtual Realityvia:

Oculus prime supporter Palmer Luckey went under flame before the end of last year for putting resources into a master Donald Trump political association, which prompted to an Oculus blacklist, and Zuckerberg as of late needed to affirm in a protected innovation body of evidence against Oculus, uncovering that it burned through $3 billion to gain the organization. By the by, Oculus is riding the tempest and Barra will assume a critical part once he joins the organization.

If facebook puts its strategy on the right place, it can become a huge source of income in the future and leaders like Barra and Zuckerberg could make the likelihood all the more promising.

At the end of 2018, Xiaomi will start selling its smartphone in the US market