1 14 Xbox’s Mike Ybarra says Xbox One X will perform as good as a $1500 PC and will be far superior than PS4 Pro

Mark Yabara has been interviewed by TechRadar recently where he was talking about Xbox One X capabilities and relief value and also he commented on the most recent comment made by Jim Ryan on Sony’s parity thing and the issue about the developers not taking full advantage of Xbox One X. First of all he went to say that:

“The console is fixed hardware, so we know exactly what GPU, CPU and memory is in that box. We have extensions to DirectX specific for that, so that developers can call right to the hardware and know exactly how to get every ounce of power out of it…When you’re on PC there’s that abstraction layer. Even with the GPU manufacturer add-ons there’s still an abstraction layer there that pays a tax on performance. With fixed hardware on a console we can get every single ounce of that out and into a game’s hands.”

So, he also sort of compared the Xbox One to a $1500 PC. He actually said “If you’re on PC you’re going to be about $1500 or so, so that’s another area.” Then he also commented on the latest Jim Ryan’s comment, where he was talking about “the lowest common denominator” in terms of like I know game developers, developers will not really go extra mile to make enhanced versions of the games on Xbox One X because they wouldn’t really care, they will probably go with the PS4 Pro kind of settings because that’s what they will have available. This is actually what he had to say about it:

“I think they’ll embrace it. They want to show their game in the best possible way. As a developer myself I want to show whatever I’m creating in the best possible light. It’s kind of like saying that when a developer makes a PC game do they make it to a fixed low-end set, where there are all of these switches that people can go in and turn on…It’s the same with Xbox One X. We’ve been meeting with developers, you heard EA on our stage saying they’re going to optimize this because they want to show consumers the most amazing version of their games, and the Xbox One X is going to deliver that for them.”

We are pretty sure that not every single developers will actually go this extra mile and will not necessarily actually take a full advantage of Xbox One X. We have seen on PS4 Pro where some developers even though Sony has this kind of policy that they have to enhance PlayStation 4 games. And that’s why we may still get similar kind of behavior from developers with regards to Xbox One X versions.

Digital Foundry believes Xbox One X should be more than capable of running Destiny 2 in Native 4k 
  • davide

    My PC is only 400€ and i can play at 60FPS that is so much BETTER than 4K30FPS,if MIKE come to my house i will TEACH to him HOW TO BUILD A PC because probabily or him dont know how to do it OR him need to LIE for advertising XBOXONEX (like sony do too for PS4PRO).
    First important think for me is GAMEPLAY so 60FPS,and only AFTER come RESOLUTION 4K (4K without 60FPS it’s UNUSEFUL coz blurry bad quality image).
    The Problem is PS4PRO and XBOXONEX can’t 60FPS because theyr CPU is WEAK performance (2.3ghz) ,in 2011 is released 3.6Ghzcpu but company that build consoles continue to put 2.3Ghz weak cpu inside theyr product,so 6 YEARS after we still have this XboxoneX and PS4Pro consoles that is CPU-BOUND WEAK CPU and so they are not able to give the 60FPS in ALL THE GAMES expecially in games that use Physics or NATIVE 4K.
    Also BUNGIE say that DESTINY 2 will run at 30FPS on PS4PRO and XBOXONEX because is CPU-BOUND,Also Phil Spencer confirm that XBOXONEX have some Disvantages in CPU (if compared with PC)
    So 4K is unuseful for player at 30FPS because all the image quality when you move at 30FPS is BAD,BLURRY and is not beautiful as you can see also in this video:

    4K 30FPS it’s good for IMAGEPHOTO or MOVIES but not for VIDEOGAMES,videogames need 60FPS for best image quality when you MOVE.
    And when people play videogames they not stay STOP like a PHOTO they MOVE,so 60FPS is needed.
    Top of that another think they wrong is they dont give GRAPHICS SETTING MENU for players can LOW Resolutions and some graphics effects that they dont like for reach 60FPS like it’s possible to do with a 200€ gpu card on pc.
    The only reason why Microsoft and Sony is release this “FAKE 4K CONSOLES”
    is because they follow the 4KTV(olimpic,soccer,sports) MArketing and they don’t care about QUALITYPERFORMANCE for player…
    When people go inside 1 MArket that sell TV they see “4K” advertising in more products they don’t see “60fps”,so this is why they choise to make fake 4K console and LIE to videogamers about the 4k gaming on xboxonex or ps4pro.
    And this is why i dont buy an xboxoneX or ps4pro and enjoy my cheap PC (that i pay only 400€ but give me 1080P 60FPS ULTRA,that is so much better than 4K blurry 30FPS)
    Until a console for 60FPS is released,then when an XBOX or PS will give 60FPS i will buy it (also if only at 1080P it’s ok).

    ANYWAY for WHO don’t like a PC and want to play at 30FPS 1080P ULTRA the PS4PRO and XBOXONEX it’s OK.
    But the 4K gaming on xboxonex or ps4pro it’s a lie of marketing
    1) Because it’s not granted on ALL GAMES with ps4pro or xboxonex
    2) because at 30FPS it’s unuseful bad quality when you move su unuseful to give 4K if then you dont have 60FPS.
    FORZA MOTORSPORT 7 (4K 60FPS AWESOME) is only 1 of some little EXCEPTION,but is minorance

    We need FIRST the 60FPS (Cpu power calculation) and AFTER ok give a GPU for 4K… NOT VICEVERSA like is now with 4K30FPS BLURRY bad quality image movement totally unuseful piece of plastics.

    But because for Company like Sony or Microsoft is EXPENSIVE to put a GOOD CPU in the consoles ,so they continue to release PS4PRO and XBOXONEX with OBSOLETE 2011 CPU (2.3GHZ) that is totally OUTDATED and OBSOLETE for 99,9% of todays games with physics etc. because we are in 2017 not 2011,and a cpu “Overclock” also if like the “project Scorpio” it’s not fix the problem, 3.6Ghz MIN is needed.

    Also the 4Tflops or 6Tflops of XboxoneX and PS4PRO it’s not so much, for 4K is better 11Tflops MIN.

  • E Alex

    There is absolutely no way that the new Xbox will match a 1500 dollar PC. It’s bullshit and you won’t get away with saying so. The new console probably comes close to matching a 970 or an RX 470, but both of those cards are considered pretty mid-range. Furthermore, I would put my two nuts on the Xbox’s CPU being weaker than an Intel g4560 (an $68.99 CPU). The Xbox may be running an 8 core but the IPC of that CPU is probably crap like the AMD FX series. Lastly, I don’t think he even meant to say that it will match a 1500 dollar PC, he was simply saying that those who have a PC of that caliber are in a whole different playing field. He may have just been asserting that for what you get with the Xbox, you get a solid deal. Lastly, Microsoft seems to be pushing for 4k but most of their AAA 4k games have been shown to not be native 4k, and instead, tweaked versions of 4k so that the console can achieve 30 fps. The whole 4k 30fps thing just seems like an absolutely ridiculous idea. Microsoft should have aimed for constant 1080p @60fps across all their games. Something that most people would have wanted, and something that appeals to most gamers (its a very small amount of the population that actually own a 4k screen).