Now its time to meet the Next-generation console 

The wait is up to finish and the massive gaming E3 2017 will be soon before we know it, and here the Microsoft reported some latest news about it plan to show.

The Xbox one maker will make it more excited in the press conference (coyly called a “briefing”) on Sunday, June 11 at 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm BST. Typically, Microsoft’s press will report it on the Monday of E3 week, so the date is a change of course for the company.


Microsoft introduced an advance chip for the graphics and gaming to make it more interesting game for the gamers called project scorpio. The image is that clear by which you can say that the graphics are totally defining its advance chip used in it, which was first announced at last year’s E3.

The tech giants reported that according to the graphics of the game it is confirmed that this would be the first chip with advanced graphic featured used ever. It launches during holiday 2017, along with boasting native 4K gaming support for the first time.

xbox scorpio is xbox two e3 2016 reveal Xbox Project Scorpio will be coming star of Microsofts E3 2017
Image source: E3 2017

Microsoft is going to arrange an event with a name of E3 to introduce people with more information about it plus they are going to show the graphics as well that how that chip is coming with a new advance quality for the gaming session and will give a look to it.

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microsoft announces xbox one s project scorpio consoles e3 Xbox Project Scorpio will be coming star of Microsofts E3 2017
Image source: E3 Conference

After introducing the E3 project scorpio success and star of the game Microsoft will go easy on the gaming side this year. For starters, the company closed many of its studios and also cancelled the number of titles, including Lion-head Studios, the owners of the franchise, and Platinum Games’ Scale-bound.


What’s more, game developers are paused for a while to have a new featured advance graphics for the game specially the PS4’s users and also for the new Xbox exclusive.