afae9bc6 0133 42c0 946b ee32479f2a9d 1 Digital Foundry has analyzed Assassins Creed Origins using checkerboard rendering to hit 4k resolution on Xbox One X

Digital Foundry has finally got their hands on the first of the Xbox One third party game Assassin’s Creed Origins. Microsoft owns the marketing rights for this game so there’s going to be too much advertisements for this.

Everyone is interested to finding out what sort of resolution and how does the game performs on Xbox One X because we pretty much know that not all Xbox One first-party games will run in native 4k but what about third-party developers?

This game is quite demanding, it’s an open world-game and also it runs at 30FPS and before Digital Foundry got their hands on the game it was kind of confirmed that the game uses dynamic resolution. Developers did suggest that it’s going to be native 4k and then obviously using dynamic resolution scaling. But it looks like the game actually uses checkerboard rendering or sparse rendering should we say because that’s how Microsoft actually uses this technique on Xbox One X and it runs at stable 30FPS.

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Users are already worried and they think that the whole native 4k on third-party games is just went to the shamble. However, there’s nothing wrong with checkerboard rendering, the PS4 uses it but it just goes to show that native 4k resolution is pretty much like waste of resources.

Digital Foundry was actually discussing the fact that some games may actually run in checkerboard rendering so, that seems to be confirming that not all third-party games will run at native 4k. But it doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be any kind of third-party games on Xbox One X because even PlayStation 4 Pro gets some native 4k titles.

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