21 10 Xbox One X memory bandwidth is the same as Nvidias GTX 1080 graphics card 

XB1X specifications is very impressive, it comes with a very powerful GPU for the console space, more memory, faster hard drive, faster CPU which is a huge improvement over Xbox One and Xbox One S. Some say that it’s 4.5 times more powerful, looking at the GPU alone it’s 40% more powerful than PS4 Pro.

The thing with XB1X specifications is the GPU alone is very impressive but memory bandwidth and the amount of memory Xbox One X comes with is even more impressive because if you remember how Xbox One had a issue hitting 1080p in many games.

One of the main reasons why it couldn’t do it in some of their third-party games was the memory bandwidth. It came with the same amount of memory just like PS4 but the issue was that PS4 actually offers 3 times faster memory system. Even though Xbox One X comes with ESRAM which helps to tackle this issue big time that’s why first-party developers optimize properly for this ESRAM and that’s why most of the first-party games on Xbox One runs at 1080p.

19 4 Xbox One X memory bandwidth is the same as Nvidias GTX 1080 graphics card 

On PS4 you just put everything on the main memory, you don’t really have to worry about memory optimization, not up to the same level as on Xbox One in order to hit 1080p resolution.

Xbox One X now has more GPU juice and also memory system and the fact that it’s memory bandwidth is just like on the Nvidia’s GTX 1080 graphics card that also shows that it’s a powerful memory. Not only GPU alone makes the console more powerful but also the memory system as well because it will not bottleneck the system that much. And if you look at the PC graphics card GTX 1080 comes with a 320 GB of memory bandwidth as well which is just like on Xbox One X.

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