17 9 Xbox One X improves graphics of all Xbox One and Xbox 360 backwards compatible games

Xbox One X was revealed couple of days ago and every one has their own opinion on the console, some people say it’s worth it, some say it’s not worth it as always it’s a matter of preference. Xbox One X made some improvements and benefits not necessarily for 4k users but also for 1080p TV owners as well.

Now as we know every single 4k game will be down scaled to 1080p and which will bring the better resolution and better clarity but that’s only in for the 4k patched games. There’s going to be two types of improvements for the Xbox One games. One is that the developer actually make a proper patch then the game will take a full advantage of the Xbox One capabilities in terms of like 4k resolution textures better, lighting better, shadows better etc. But for that you need a developer patch.

There’s actually 4 main forming points for main features that Xbox One brings to the table. So, first of all the game that have not been patched for the Xbox One X 4k capabilities, will actually have better texture filtering. It’s called Anisotropic Filtering and what it means is that the Xbox One X on the system level makes those textures to look better and the further you look the better texture will look.

1 14 Xbox One X improves graphics of all Xbox One and Xbox 360 backwards compatible games

Obviously it’s a pretty big deal because what it does is especially in the open-world games in a bigger kind of games, the actual graphics look better because their texture resolution not necessarily 4k resolution but textures are not in a blurry.

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Another thing is that every single Xbox One games that have not been patched will have a faster load time, that’s mainly due to the fact that the games will take a full advantage of the CPU speeds and the extra GPU power and also very fast memory system.

Another thing is high resolution in some games, this will benefit games like Halo 5, Call of Duty, The Witcher 3. Although, Witcher 3 will get 4k patch anyway. Basically every single game that uses dynamic resolution scaling. Xbox One X offers this extra performance, the games will actually run at 1080p fullstop no matter what framerate it’s going to be.

Another thing is better framerate and that depend on the game as well because every single game that has framerate issues on Xbox One will actually run better on Xbox One X.