21 9 Xbox One and Xbox One X are going to get more games from Japanese developers 

Xbox One X is launching this November and pre-order are selling very well, basically making their first step in making the brand great again. In order to make it great again Microsoft and their console needs the hardware services but most importantly it needs great games. This is not to say that Xbox doesn’t have great games because there’s plenty of games on Xbox but some of these titles are third-party developed games and available on other platforms as well.

Exclusives wise Microsoft still needs to step up and need to provide more games but that will come soon and I’ll let you know about it. In this article I’d like to discuss about the Japanese developers support because this seems to be very important.

We have Final Fantasy IV on Xbox now, we are getting a couple of Japanese games on Xbox right now as well. There’s going to be Code Vein, Dynasty Warriors 9, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet coming to Xbox as well.

19 4 Xbox One and Xbox One X are going to get more games from Japanese developers 

These titles are from Japanese developers because they are looking in Xbox right now and they see that those titles actually selling very well in the west as well. So, it makes sense to release those titles even on Xbox even though it’s not popular in Japan but there’s a lot of fans in USA, Europe and UK.

This is something Aaron Greenberg was talking about recently, basically confirming that there’s going to be even more Japanese developers working on the games for Xbox as well. Not necessarily Xbox exclusive but he was saying that there’s going to be stronger support from Japanese developers with regards to Xbox One games.

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