21 1 Xbox Gamescom schedule Include A Live Show, Hands On Time With Xbox One X, And Age of Empires

Gamescom is a European version of E3, it’s very similar event where you’ve got all kinds of hardware and gaming distributors and publishers meeting up together talking about future and also bringing all kinds of games with them so, the gamers can actually try it out. This event is not all about business it’s also about games for the viewers and gamers. 

Interestingly enough Microsoft has confirmed that they will be present there. And it’s not only going to be a presence like last year where they just brought a couple of games. This time they will have a proper presence, they will have a proper conference, they will have some new announcements regarding Xbox One X and there’s going to be games FanFest as well which is a great news for all people that want to try out Xbox One X games.

Xbox at Gamescom Live 2017 Schedule

First of all there’s going to be an Xbox games live show on Sunday August 20th at 12:00PM Pacific time 3:00PM, Eastern, 8:00PM BST and 9PM CEST. And that’s going to be streamed via Mixer as well.

So, that’s just going to be proper Xbox kind of conference just like at E3, Microsoft is planning to bring some surprises. Although we shouldn’t expect anything on the scale of E3. They will make some announcements and bring some new smaller titles maybe indie titles.

3 2 Xbox Gamescom schedule Include A Live Show, Hands On Time With Xbox One X, And Age of Empires

Both Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg did confirm that there’s going to be some new stuff coming and there’s going to be some surprises but these are not going to be as big as Xbox One X reveal last E3. Also on top of that they said that there’s going to be an event focusing totally on Age of Empires which is something to look forward to.

Microsoft shows the XBox Project Scorpio in their store - Preorder option also available for the visitors

The Funfest is going to start from Tuesday Augest 22nd. Apparently there’s going to be more details shared soon.

Also Xbox booth where you will be able to get your hands on Xbox One X and it is located in Hall 8 of the Koelnmesse, North entrance. There’s going to be 27 playable games available across Xbox consoles and Windows 10. The booth hours are 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM and that’s going to be Wednesday to Saturday. Booth times are reserved for press and trade only.

More information is going to come but it’s actually good to hear that there’s going to be some new announcements because this is something that everyone is looking forward to. It feels like Microsoft will promote Xbox One X because they want to capture European market as well.