Damn, this is one of the Geekiest puzzle ever made on Earth and it is absolutely amazing. FLEB, the YouTube user is a hardcore puzzle freak. Behind this, a man claims to have finished at the top 10 of US puzzle championship and is keen creator of puzzle himself. In the video below he shows us how to solve one of his all-time favorite puzzles-the Xbox. First thing FLEB has to do is crack the cryptograms on the faces of the box. He doesn’t go through that process but points the curious to this page.

Once he’s figured that out he gets a phrase on the top that informs him that he needs “to harness the power of five individuals to enter the word ‘forceful’ into the box.” The other sides have the names of five different X-Men printed on them and you have to use their powers on the box. Scott Summers is Cyclops. So the side of the box that says “Scott Summers” requires his superhero power which is laser vision. There’s a small hole in the box. When you aim a laser pointer into the hole, the letter “H” appears on the box’s numeric display. Applying ice to the Iceman side brings up the letter “P.”

The other X-Men are Magneto, Jean Grey and Surge. Can you guess what techniques would be used to apply their superpowers? Probably not. “What’s in the bo-o-o-ox??!!?” you’re asking. Sorry, it’s not that kind of puzzle. We don’t want to spoil the rest of the process that’s involved in solving this thing. The real joy of this video is just taking the journey with FLEB as he cracks the code in real time.

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