4 10 Worst day for AMD as their Stock Prices Dropped again

AMD was again on the news yesterday, they had their earning calls. Maybe Wall Street didn’t like the results. We are going into the financial numbers but one thing is for sure that the Wall Street has certain demands of public companies if a company misses say just 1% of earnings.

Wall Street punish them by selling off the company stocks and then driving the company value down. It’s capitalism at it’s finest.

According to the Ruben Roy who is an analyst at MKM Partners said that:

Everything was going under control and things were going according to plan however, the results didn’t had good effect on the company when they released Ryzen in the market. ”

Also a lot of people were disappointed with the Ryzen CPU results in gaming because the hype around the Ryzen was way too much and Ryzen wasn’t what people were expecting. So that didn’t help AMD.

3 Worst day for AMD as their Stock Prices Dropped again
AMD’s stock price over the last 24 hours.

The problem for AMD is that Ryzen CPU are fairly new. So, as soon as take another quarter or two for Ryzen sales number results to show in the earnings.

Secondly AMD really needs to release RX Vega soon. Like we have said in our previous posts too that why are they holding it back at this point is really frustrating.

Vega is supposed to be competing with the Nvidia 1070, 1080, 1080Ti and hopefully Titax XP. Nvidia is basically gaming mindshare and marketshare.

Everyday AMD holds back on releasing their RX Vega, not to mention Nvidia Volta is right around the corner. We really hope AMD second quarter release rumor holds true.

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