We haven’t yet achieved much in the world of 8K screens as most of the manufacturing companies are still going with the 4K technology. But today, we have brought a good news for you as LG has unveiled an OLED screen which doesn’t only have the 8K resolution, but it is the world’s largest 8K OLED TV.

%name LGs showstopper for the CES 2018   The 88 inch worlds largest 8K OLED TV

Heading To CES

The 88-inch 8K screen by LG is actually going to break all the records yet created by any of the competitors as Ultra HD and HDR TVs already seem to be getting out of the picture. You’ll witness the TV in the upcoming CES which is planned in the next week.

LG has broken the record of a 77-inches OLED TV but there is a thing that LG needs to be concerned of. LG’s one of the biggest competitors lying out there is Samsung, which is moving towards Quantum Dot display technology for its QLED TVs. However, the upcoming CES show will definitely be stolen by LG as its 8K OLED TV is going to be the biggest attraction of the event.

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