While we are happy with the developments being made in Solar Energy so far, a pretty unique thing has crossed our eyes. China’s one of the busiest cities, Jinan will host the construction of world first photovoltaic express-way. The 7 million people living in Jinan will be benefited by the highway on daily basis.

60262 02 solar powered highway spotted china China to inaugurate the worlds first photovoltaic express way   The road will re charge any EVs running over it!

The Master Plan

According to the master plan, a 1.2 miles (2km) highway will be constructed to host heavy traffic including medium-sized trucks. The roads structure consists of three separate layers placed in the following order:

  1. Transparent concrete layer
  2. Solar panels layer
  3. A thick strip of insulation layer

The idea of placing these three layers is to keep the structure of the road intact and generate the power at the same time. According to the Chinese engineers involved in the construction:

The roads are also designed to provide technical support to unmanned vehicles in the future.

The next plan of engineers is to release electricity to any electric vehicles traveling above them. So it would be like a charging road for EVs traveling over it! The biggest benefit of this highway will be witnessed in the winters, when the ice and snow covering the road, will automatically be melted with the thermal patches installed in the road. Not to worry, it won’t affect the vehicles traveling over it.

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