The world is still in shock over the Las Vegas shooting perpetrated by Stephen Paddock, with many citing the tragedy as further incentive for tighter regulation on the sale of assault rifles.

Sadly, 59 individuals were killed and some 515 were injured in the attack. Many believed the number could have been much higher, had it not been for the quick-reacting heroes who risked their lives to protect others in mass shooting.

One woman doesn’t just have fellow concert goers to thank for her safety; she also has her iPhone.

According to Business Insider, the unnamed woman showed her phone to a taxi driver, stating that her device had stopped a bullet and saved her life. The driver snapped a photo of the device to prove it.

Where the device was on her person and where the woman was during the shooting has yet to be discovered, but it’s a scary thought to see that shattered iPhone and wonder what could have happened had it not been between her and the bullet.

This isn’t the first time an iPhone has saved someone’s life from gunfire, however.

A Fresno State University student’s iPhone reportedly protected him during a mugging.

And this valet worker at an Atlanta nightclub’s HTC phone also saved his life, when a bullet that was headed straight to his breast was allegedly stopped by the phone tucked away in his jacket pocket.

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