YouTube reveals it’s plans for the site’s biggest creators and contributors, saying they’re all set to roll out YouTube mobile live streaming. The offer is for any individual with 10,000 or more subscribers. Fans of the YouTube stars can thus earn them fair amount of money!

google office 1500x1000 With YouTube Mobile Live Streaming; YouTube Stars Can Earn Cash; Through Their Fans


As far online video, YouTube has maintained evident dominance but at the same time, it’ has shown a slower tendency towards adopting mobile live streaming. We saw a similar roll out by the site last year but the same was a smaller and short-lived one whereas, now YouTube reveals its expansion plans, ensuring the YouTube contributors and all others, will benefit from the offer soon.

By adopting ‘broadcast anyway, anywhere’ kind of approach, both Twitter and Facebook look ahead of YouTube. Google on the other hand seems quite satisfied with setups in the likes of ‘Hangouts’ and other desktop-focused streaming etc.

The fresh move by the YouTube team suggests that time has come when this all is going to change soon; especially for those YouTubers having larger and ravenous fans or audience.

As far functionality, we learn that things remain unchanged since like previous routine the users will be using a custom title, enabling or disabling live chat. They will have the choice of sending notification(s) to their respective audience, subscribers, with a choice between portrait or landscape broadcast. Fast-moving bubble type of messages will appear onscreen, a likewise scenario of Facebook Live or Periscope etc.

Users will find a slowed-down live chat, an adjustment the YouTube team claims to have made on purpose; for an improved streaming quality. For those video stars having the largest audience YouTube live mobile streaming will be a fun though for casual users; the same may prove bit tougher sell.

“Super Chat” is the latest and salient feature of YouTube mobile live streaming, giving viewers the option of paying for a text; the distinct and colorful message will be pinned atop the chat window and will stay for up to five hours. Conversing with their respective true fans will thus earn the creators a slice of cash.


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