By far, a lot has been said, talked and published about the upcoming Apple smartphone thanks to rumor mongers’ nonstop efforts to bring out as much information about iPhone 8 as they possibly could. Per some trustworthy resources iPhone 8 is offering both Wireless Charging And OLED Display features. If that’s true, this gives us an understanding that iPhone 8 is likely to cost more than our expectations.

iphone 8 concept1 With Wireless Charging And OLED Display Features; iPhone 8 is Likely To Cost More Than Our Expectations

To the users’ satisfaction, at least one this is almost confirmed now that Wireless Charging is not a dream anymore since Apple’s name is there for viewing, listed among more than 200 Wireless Power Consortium Members. And trusting the latest reports, upcoming iPhone is offering features in the likes of iris scanning, wireless charging and the big one, an OLED display.

Apple iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, as claimed in latest reports) could easily cost high, upwards of $1000 or even more thanks to above noted newest Iris Scanner, Wireless Charging And OLED Display feature in particular since these screens are definitely expensive than those LCD panels we used to see in older iPhone handsets.

lcd oled display b2 With Wireless Charging And OLED Display Features; iPhone 8 is Likely To Cost More Than Our Expectations

This way, users must expect that the upcoming device is going to be Apple’s most expensive one yet, finally exceeding the $1,000 mark (£795).

As far as the price is concerned, The Fast Company quoted a source’s claims, saying on the occasion of 10th anniversary of Apple’s original iPhone (being celebrated this year), the company is all set to launch their (by far) most expensive phone.

In the light of various reports, it appears that the OLED display will be a 5.8 inch screen, stretching across the smartphone’s entire front and giving the device an entirely borderless, larger and of course beautiful looking surface. Further, the body of iPhone is likely to have an all stainless steel body with front and back both having glass panels.

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With an integrated Home Button within the phone’s display and sensitive inlays used as side buttons, the device ensures to give a marvelous look. It is believed that the phone offering 3D sensing feature too, may come with a larger battery.

Additional Features

  • Facial recognition
  • Better image resolution
  • Iris scanner (for unlocking the phone using eye-authentication)
  • Improved 3D Touch
  • IP68 rating, ensuring water immersion for over 30 minutes (in up to five-foot-deep water