Apple might be facing an issue with the batteries on its most expensive device the iPhone X. According to recent reports wireless charging on the iPhone X burns through battery cycle quicker. Which might be a problem for the iPhone X. Because after completing 500 battery cycles, the iPhone X will only be able to provide 80 percent of its original capacity.

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So if these reports are true the iPhone X users could end up with a non-optimal battery in just two years. It looks like Apple’s induction charging method might not have been properly implemented. Which results in the wearing out of battery faster compared to charging with a cable. Early iPhone X adopters are already claiming to have used 135 battery cycles in just a few months. Meaning that the early adapters of the iPhone X will end up with a non-optimal iPhone X in just over 18 months.

According to ZDNET “The issue is that when the iPhone is being charged using a cable, the phone is being powered by the cord (there is some load on the battery, but it’s minimal), but when using wireless charging, the battery is what’s powering the iPhone, with the wireless charger only being used to top up the battery. This means that by switching from a cable to a wireless charger, my battery isn’t getting a break, and in turn, this is making me go through recharge cycles at an even faster rate”.

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Apple is a company that pride over its public image, though an issue like this might be a second blow. Because Apple still has a lot of disappointed customers, who weren’t happy about their devices being throttled. We are not sure whether Apple is working on a fix or not. But if the only fix that Apple suggests is replacing the batteries, then we are sure millions of iPhone X users will regret investing a fortune.

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