Microsoft has now chosen to collaborate with Google to release a Windows SDK for Google Analytics. Which can help give a simple approach to Windows 10 engineers to get to the significant administrations. These SDKs can then be coordinated into the developer`s applications by means of a NuGet package.

The SDK is created on Google’s Measurement Protocol. Which permits the engineers to send engagement information over HTTP solicitations to Google Analytics Servers. There are two sorts of NuGet references:

  • C# SDK that can be utilized by desktop applications and Universal Windows Store applications
  • C++ WinRT segments for devs focusing on UWP applications written in C++ or Javascript.
id226984 1 Windows SDK Is Being Introduced By Microsoft For Google Analytics With a Straightforward SDK

Microsoft has released a Windows SDK for Google Analytics. Presently, with a straightforward SDK in light of the Android SDK variation of Google Analytics, designers can now coordinate Google Analytics following into their Windows applications.

It depends on Google’s Measurement Protocol, as clarified by Microsoft’s Windows applications group:

The SDK is based on top of Google’s Measurement Protocol, an administration that permits designers to send engagement information to the Google Analytics Servers over HTTP asks.
439731 Windows SDK Is Being Introduced By Microsoft For Google Analytics With a Straightforward SDK

The APIs in the Windows SDK for Google Analytics are displayed on class names and configuration designs from Google’s Android SDK. To guarantee most extreme compactness and comprehensibility for those effectively acquainted with Google Analytics on different stages.Google Analytics for applications permits designers to record crashes, key client occasions and see the general application utilization in an itemized see.

The SDK is accessible for Universal Windows Apps, desktop applications and WinRT applications. To discover how to incorporate Google Analytics into a Windows application, Microsoft gives a few directions here. The new SDK is open source and Microsoft welcomes clients of it to contribute. Also, it requests that clients give input on the GitHub repo.

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