Virtual memory in Windows is used in place of the physical RAM when it runs out of the usable space. Not relevant to most of the new devices as they are equipped with tons of memory, however, still a useful concept for the older machines or devices lacking enough memory.However it only improves the performance, and also prevents the program from crashing.Virtual memory management in windows 10 can harm our device if we don’t have plenty of the RAM.
Some people faces performance issues and the speed eventually slows down the system, therefore, we can easily fix this issue and due to which the windows 10 will work with great speed.Some steps would involve in it.

Speed Up Windows 10 Tips Tricks  Windows 10 Tips  Speed Up And Adjust Virtual Memory
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  •  Adjusting the power optionsarrow 10x10 Windows 10 Tips  Speed Up And Adjust Virtual Memory
  • Try the performance troubleshooting.
  • Also by deleting a number of apps that is not being used.
  • Limit how many programs run at startup.
  • Defragment your hard disk.
  • Cleaning up your hard disk through a software easily available in the markets.
  • Run fewer programs at the same time.
  • Turn off visual effects.
  • Restart regularly.
  • Add more memory.
  • Check your computer’s speed.
  • Change the size of virtual memory.
    If Windows virtual memory is too low, we can increase it, but there are trade-offs, Virtual memory, also known as the swap file, uses part of your hard drive to effectively expand your RAM, allowing us to run more programs than it could otherwise handle. But a hard drive is much slower than RAM, so it can really hurt performance. So if Microsoft windows keep on asking us that we are low on virtual memory we probably need to buy more ram or either expand the file.
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how to speed up windows 10 reset Windows 10 Tips  Speed Up And Adjust Virtual Memory
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Virtual Memory is the feature in the operating system world that provides the computer to make up for the scarcity of the space or so-called physical memory technically. It does so by transferring some pages of data from the RAM to the HDD and thereby preventing issues like sudden slow down of a machine, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) to help to continue the smooth operation of the OS.
This memory operating system manages by itself only but at times you might be required to alter the memory allocated. It is always said to customize the virtual memory into a size which is within the permissible limit.