Microsoft will now be providing education as well.

The latest updates in Windows 10 Creaters will have an e-book collection in its store. The effort of building this app started last year with the release of EPUB support on MS Edge. Currently, the e-book feature is available for Windows 10 Mobile, which will soon be built into Window 10 versions of PCs and tablets.


The probable date is this AprilReportedly, the new e-book feature would be integrated into Windows Store where buyers can shop a variety of books from various publishersThe purchased book can be read on MS Edge.

However, it is guessed that the app might not work on other browsers.

It is exactly as you buy other apps from this Store like, games, entertainment, utility apps etc.

Screenshot 11 2 Windows 10 to store e books in its Store   updated feature for readers


Microsoft has been trying to upgrade the Edge ever since it first got introduced in Windows 10, as it is faced with very competent rivals: Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Techtimes report that the e-book can result into two potential outcomes: first, it would add attraction to the Store, and second, it might make the store less attractive because of the feature’s inability to be accessed through other browsers.

Screenshot 12 3 Windows 10 to store e books in its Store   updated feature for readers


Currently, the company is undergoing tests of various features and has not yet commented on the development, it is expected that global customers would have another study option in their devices.

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