Is it frustrating for you to use the all-new Windows 10 S? You might have come in the wrong spot. Microsoft recently revealed the newer version of its OS at the #MicrosoftEDU event and defined the scope of the OS. Basically, this OS is purpose built for the school children providing them with a more specific working environment. Teachers and students were having this difficulty for them to use the regular Windows OS at school and hence Chromebooks jumped into the scene. To regain the customers, Windows had launched this OS which serves its purpose quite well.

pic 117 Dont like Windows 10 S? Its probably not the best find for your professional workings

School Kids Better Have The Windows 10 S

To put some limitations or to make a specific OS with a narrow and targeted market, Windows released the Windows 10 S and that’s how it’s meant to be. Now you cannot run your heavy professional programs on this. If a kid wants to use it for his/her studies, obviously he won’t install a professional version of Microsoft Visual Studio or an MS SQL Server in it. All he needs to do is maybe some essay writing or surfing the internet to get some information out or even for the sake of some entertainment.

pic 118 Dont like Windows 10 S? Its probably not the best find for your professional workings

Get The Professional Version For Professional Works

As described earlier, Windows 10 S is built for educators and pupils. If you want to do some professional work, you can always get a copy of the Windows 10 Pro for free. No one would deliberately buy a device with a smaller scope for his/her professional works, Simple!

Education Market To Flourish Under Microsoft’s Cap

As per the predictions, Microsoft will have a key role in flourishing the Education Market. Ultimately, the company has to rely on its customers’ demands and the Windows 10 S is the result of high demands by customers to roll out a more specific version of the OS for the educators and the students.

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