With the growing popularity graph of Microsoft’s latest OS, the Windows 10, a customized OS was launched in May 2017 for the students, by the name of Windows 10 S. Right after the OS came out, a storm of criticism hit the Microsoft’s complaint cells regarding the problems that were found in this OS with limited options. Though it worked great for entry-level laptops and ultrabooks, the students utterly disliked it.

windows 10 s setup 3 1 Windows 10 S becomes a mode   The flop OS will now be linked to the regular Windows 10 Pro, Home and Enterprise editions

The Flop OS

It seems like Microsoft has realized the fact that Windows 10 S isn’t going to survive anymore and will serve as an optional mode for Windows 10 instead. This seems to be a good try of face-saving for the tech giants as the locked down version was quite useless for example, the only default browser options that you have in this OS are Edge and Bing. Also, you can only install apps directly from the Windows Store with plenty of apps still locked. What’s the idea of this useless OS then?

The “S Mode”

Microsoft will now be linking it with Windows 10 Pro, Home and Enterprise edition as the “S Mode.” Some of the laptops with S Mode pre-activated will still be sold with an option of activating the full version by paying an extra fee (up to $49) to unlock.

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