In last October Microsoft officially released windows 10 in New York  and unveiled the code name of its creator as red stone.In the event Microsoft also announced that the updates of Windows 10 will be released in early 2017.

Windows 10 build 14393 Redstone Windows 10 locked for update :Meet version 1704 in April 2017

The current version of Windows 10 is version number 1703 we can say that after update in April 2017 it will be version number 1704.This not first time Microsoft has changed version number it has already been happened to xbox anniversary the change of version was 1607 and updated to 1608.the new version will be named as 1704 which shows that 17 is for the year 2017 and 04 is the month of April.

windows 10 creators update Windows 10 locked for update :Meet version 1704 in April 2017
Windows 10 creator updates

Microsoft is currently finishing the update process so it is expected that many features of window will be locked and with the release of final version windows will be available to all users.user may upgrade it window manually or able to use previous version.the company has planned to release the code name of creator as “Redstone 3”.

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