Will Virtual Healthcare Be The New Normal?

Will Virtual Healthcare Be The New Normal?

Since the beginning of this unpredicted pandemic, the need for saving lives has drastically increased that’s how the usage of telehealth arrives.

Telehealth is a virtual medical visit between the healthcare providers and their patients to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to take care of patients that need special attention.

Now all hospitals have been having online appointments with their patients, evaluating them, and prescribing the best medications for them.

When patients call about a particular health condition, the healthcare providers follow up about the care of their patients and giving them the best experience on the video consultation every day.

Many physicians who hesitated about this virtual health line at first are surprised that they can treat their patients very well online and realized that this is the new normal.

Before the pandemic, a lot of people come to the hospital at the sign of anything but now they’ve realized that this treatment is better and faster but for people with serious illness or injury that can’t be taken care of at home are rushed to the hospital.

How Healthcare Visits Have Changed Since Covid-19 Measures

A lot of things have changed during this pandemic COVID-19 especially in the hospital because no need to travel to meet a specialist, wait for your turn in the crowded room, or pay parking fees which have in some way reduce funds for the patient.

The idea of virtual healthcare is the best because it reduces the number of admitted patient every day which results in fewer ER visits and give more patient the attention they needed.

The hospitals are just trying their best to protect their patients from getting this transmissible disease COVID-19 while bring treated that’s why the technology of virtual healthcare needs to be adopted and the truth is virtual consultation exists before the pandemic.

The technology is not new but it’s only commonly used by the private practitioners when some of their patients don’t want to come to the hospital with a minor issue while the public health system is still learning.

A lot of people think communicating with someone on the phone during this pandemic is really good because it keeps you away from sick people.

If not for this virtual healthcare a lot of people won’t have learned a lot about taking care of themselves without seeing the doctor even though the doctors can’t stitch wounds or deliver a baby online.

Besides if the wounds are something to be stitched or a woman is about to deliver they would go to emergency and if not the doctors would enlighten them on how to treat wounds perfectly online.

A lot of people have benefited from virtual healthcare with their doctors because they learn new things on how to treat themselves without going to the hospital.

Benefits Of Telehealth

Increase In Efficiency 

Virtual healthcare has enabled the doctors to see their patients more through video consultant and provide ultimate care for the person online.

It also helps people who live very far from the hospital and the elderly people who can’t go to the hospital get treated online and faster.

During this pandemic, time is monitored and is used appropriately to provide special care for all the patients who needed it because before the pandemic most patients believe they can’t get better without seeing the doctor.

Telehealth has made it possible to make the doctors work faster to attend to more people online than usual.

Cost Savings

This pandemic which led to telehealth has allowed the patient not only to gain more knowledge but to save more costs.

No need to spend money on transportation to go from one hospital to another and the doctors do not have to pay to clean the waiting room so it’s saving money on both sides.

If the doctor can conduct almost all his appointment in a day then why does he needs a bigger office and also the cost of a phone call is less than going to the hospital and spending a lot.

Improves the Doctors Quality of Life

The doctors are also human who needed rest so because of this telehealth they can rest and reduce their frustration while at home but still doing what they love through video consultation.

Making an online appointment with the patients gives room for them to spend time with their families and reduce their stress.

Quality Healthcare to Everyone

Telehealth provides the best healthcare to their patients no matter where they stay, the patients will be treated and monitored well virtually.

The doctors treated them very well especially those who live in remote areas with little or no access to medical treatment now gets the treatment they deserved online.

Doctors work hard to help patients distinguish their illness from COVID-19 symptoms with proper care and guidelines to the prescription on drugs.

With telehealth, doctors and patients have learned that transportation should not be a barrier to get a good healthcare.


Unfortunately, we had to realize the importance of telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic on what we should have discovered since to help people health and save costs.

Telehealth has proven that patients can be treated with care and given all the attention they needed to maintain a good healthy balance, therefore, telehealth has reduced the spread of infections especially the spread of coronavirus which is reducing the speed of infections.

Healthcare has proven to be better in so many ways with faster communications between the patient and the doctor. The patient to have been able to learn a lot of things especially first-aid without rushing to the hospital immediately.

The pandemic has made people realized that they can receive all the medical care they needed when obeying the rules of social distancing.

Telehealth has proven to be successful in so many ways n attending to patients which will be the new normal now. The growth has also helped a lot most especially in the mental health area.