Users of piracy sites on the internet may find some difficulties now for the search of pirated films, music or any kind of free software downloads or illegally streamed live football or any other matches due to the new plan for the removal of piracy sites from the internet world.

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Some of the worldwide search engine companies like Google or Bing from yahoo have voluntarily signed to practice some code which will aim to crack down all the pirated sites and prevent users from the use of non-reputable sites providers. The code is first of its type. It is developed in the UK. It will demolish the illegal and piracy sites and give notice to other sites from right holder. This code will start to work from this summers according to the expected plan.

The Intellectual Property Office led the discussions to create the code, With the help of the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport, the Intellectual Property Office led the meeting to develop the code. Ofcom has also assisted the talk by examination of the way by which search results in internet searches are presented in detail, then this team has discovered all the possible methods and metrics which can help UK users from not using the illegal content. All the working organizers agreed on one condition that this code will run in parallel with all other anti-pirated campaigns.

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But if we consider facts this is not possible because there are more than thousands of sites which are pirated and illegal but are famous and have the busiest traffic.So what this code actually do is, it will decrease the SEO of these sites and make them move at the end of the search results. By this legal sites will highlight at the top of the search result. The question is, will it really gonna works?

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No! because internet users and fans of these websites already know URL address of these pirated sites. They can directly open these sites by writing in the address bar.