Bethesda seems in no mood to let another outside studio get involved in a Fallout game. As told by Bethesda recently, they are releasing a beta version of their game in October and all the queries or bugs found can be reported in their FAQ section. In another development, Bethesda has refused to involve another publishing studio in their upcoming project.

The History

If we have a look at the history of the game, this partnership model started some 8 years ago when Bethesda briefly handed the content control of Fallout series to Obsidian Entertainment. We all were then introduced to one of the best Fallout games ever made–Fallout: New Vegas.

Now, the latest plans of the publishing studio show that they are in no hurry to collab with any company for a New Vegas like project!

fallout 5 release date news trailer rumours story 2 Bethesda is having no plans to collab with any outside studio for its upcoming Fallout 5!

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Bethesda’s Todd Howard said another cross-studio collaboration probably won’t happen again simply because BGS has grown so much…but never say never.

I wouldn’t say never. Now that our company is so big, it’s always better to keep stuff internal. [A collaboration] becomes less likely, but I could never say never. I thought the Obsidian guys did a fabulous job.

While gamers were anticipating a similar project this time too, analysts are of the view that Bethesda won’t go for partnership this time.

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