Once one of the largest smartphone makers, BlackBerry’s irrelevance pushed it to 0.0 percent. Blackberry was king of the market at decades ago, but the Canadian manufacturer of blackberry just hit rock bottom with a 0.0 percent market share, according to research firm Gartner’s latest quarterly data. The company’s reputation in the smartphone world could still improve. Although BlackBerry is now not making any handsets anymore, But it should focus on software instead, TCL Communications has now the right to make handsets under this brand name. The first device will be with us soon, but even if it has a monster success, a company still has to fight a lot to gain its reputation.

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For anyone thinking that sounds weak, don’t worry too much about Apple just yet. When you break down smartphone sales by the individual manufacturer in Q4, they’re number one, narrowly overtaking nearest rivals Samsung, whom Gartner speculate were hurt by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and pressures from the cheaper Chinese handsets that make up the rest of the table.
Still, the survey is a stark reminder of BlackBerry’s unenviable situation. The company has essentially given up on the U.S. consumer market. The BlackBerry 10 failed to spark interest in its first year of existence. A goose egg in consumer market share could spell trouble down the road as more enterprise users bring their own devices, but for now, there isn’t much Blackberry can do but cater to the users it has already.

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That could mean a longer lifespan for BlackBerry 7, even as Blackberry 10 gets new features such as the ability to run Android apps. It also explains why CEO John Chen has recommitted to physical keyboards over full touchscreen phones.

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