Curved OLED Display

Apple is leaving its trademark mobile shape and display. It is now defined that next Apple phone, the iPhone 8 will leave the previous iPhone look. iPhone 8 will have edge ends and will have the flat glass screen design so it can sport a curved but plastic OLED display. This iPhone is going to look like phones made by arch-rival Samsung of Apple. The only difference is that Samsung has glass display but iPhone 8 will have plastic OLED display.

iphone curved amoled display OLED Display And 3D Camera In iPhone 8
image source: .iphonehacks

Apple will be using same old sensing technology in iPhone 8. This is the fact that the Samsung, no doubt is the only main supplier of OLED curved screens. Almost up to 100 million units is supplied by the Samsung per year. But this is half the amount of Apple’s annual sales due to iPhone, which is almost about 200 million unit a year. According to Forbes report, the plastic OLED screens which will use in iPhone 8 can be resilient to shattering but it will become easier to get scratches on the screen than glass screens. Before this, iPhone flat screen display was provided by LG Display and JDI.

Facial Recognization by 3D Camera

2nd biggest change we will see in Apple will be the mapping of your face with the 3D camera. Apple has worked heavily on manufacturing facial recognition technology in previous years. Apple has bought some of the facial recognition companies like PrimeSense etc.

iPhone 7 Plus JAR01150 e1476111094332 OLED Display And 3D Camera In iPhone 8
image source: .pocketnow

But now experts is the Apple reported that they plan to use a camera with depth-sensing. This feature will overcome common Facial recognition problems like difficulty in recognize feature on the dark complexions. By this camera technology, we can get much more correct readings.

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Chester Wisniewski of the security firm Sophos said about this camera that:

“There are things that can mess with visual sensors. This sees through makeup, to tissue. This type of camera isn’t easily fooled; even a 3D-printed model of a face shouldn’t trick it”.

This is expected that 30% of Apple sales in the year will be by iPhone 8. iPhone 8 may cost around $1000 to consumers. Start to save you money, if you want to get one.