Smartwatches are getting popular every passing day and the war between two biggest rivals is at its peak. Android Wear and Tizen are two of the most widely used smartwatch OS and most of the time people get confused which one to buy. So if you are also among those planning to buy a smartwatch in the near future, this read can be pretty helpful.

%name Android Wear vs. Tizen: Which one is better and why?
Android Wear’s Competition With Tizen

The Android Wear somehow got a breakthrough after the changes announced in it by Google at the previous year’s I/O conference. Though the changes were made practical recently, this has shown us what Android Wear is capable of. On the other hand, Samsung’s own smartwatch OS, Tizen was integrated into the Gear S. After the success, it was also seen in Gear S2 and last year’s Gear S3.

Easy To Use

Android Wear has a lead in this case as it allows you to download apps directly onto the watch. The dial of the watch has been designed for multiple purposes like accessing the menus etc. which reminds us of the older phones where we had to hit a button a certain number of times to get a letter typed on the screen.

Huawei Watch images Android Wear vs. Tizen: Which one is better and why?
On the other hand, Samsung’s Tizen is not bad too! As Samsung is itself involved in the production of both hardware and software, it has a slight edge over Android Wear. The ease of use includes adding a rotating dial and avoids you having to touch the screen all the time which is normal in a watch.


Talking about the customization, it’s hard to even think about it on such a small screen where you barely get to see all the icons. However, Tizen allows you to workaround a bit with some of the apps which can be counted as a difference but only a minor one. What has been missing among the both, is the functional dials which will turn them completely into independent gadgets.
Especially, Samsung not only believes in independence but also plans to generate more appeal in the long run for itself by integrating it with the cars and talks are also in process with Volkswagen.

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Use for Health and Fitness

The edge for leading in this case mainly depends upon which smartwatch are you buying as the hardware is very necessary for it. However, the Android Wear can offer GPS which you use in most of the sports apps so yeah, you definitely have an edge here. The best smartwatch, in this case, can be Google Fit because of the hardware specs that it offers, for example, monitoring footsteps, distance covered in walking, jogging and cycling etc.
Tizen, on the other hand, performs a bit differently. It has the option to automatically recognize if you are running or doing some other exercises.