The problem has been reported several times now and even we have covered it previously but AMD seems to be very lazy in this case. AMD hasn’t provided its partners with the Vega GPUs so that they release their own versions of the card. This was due to be done by 11th September but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. AMD hasn’t even responded with a confirmed date for the release and the partners are still waiting.

HardwareLuxx tried talking to 4 different manufacturers and this what they had to say:

Manufacturer A: Custom RX Vega models are already developed and ready to be launched, company is waiting for GPUs from AMD. They can’t estimate when more variants of RX Vega 56 will be available.
Manufacturer B: AMD is always focusing on reference models first, however the availability is a major issue and causes delays of custom models. They have no date for custom designs to be available.
Manufacturer C: Manufacturer has no final specs nor launch date for their custom design. They waiting for GPUs to be delivered, they assume no cards will be ready by mid-October.
Manufacturer D: They are waiting for GPUs, no comment on their custom designs.

AMD Short of Vega Chips

The most anticipated chip by AMD seems like going short according to the market needs. You may remember the price drama that is already associated with the cards and now this delay in providing GPUs to the manufacturers makes it very clear that AMD is short of Vega GPU chips.

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