WhatsApp launches a new clone feature of Snapchat by copying one of its main characteristics ”Snapchat Stories”. This feature was introduced on Tuesday.

 whatsapp status WhatsApp Launches New Clone feature Of Snapchat Stories
The new feature allow a user to share photos, videos, and GIF with their contacts, where you can add drawings, stickers and captions. The images will disappear after 24 hours

The feature was being tested in last November,  Within a few days it would be officially available on all iOS devices, Android and Windows Phone. Users can watch the status updates posted by friends and embellish the images with drawings and captions.

CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum say that The original idea behind the project was to develop the app that would allow users and their friends to communicate and let them know about their recent activity. The company reveals that people had begun to upgrade so quickly to share their status to chat in real time with friends, Later he decided to change the plan, turning the application to instant chat.

New WhatsApp Status feature WhatsApp Launches New Clone feature Of Snapchat Stories

WhatsApp now has 1.2 billion monthly active users, with about 60 billion messages a day sent, including 3.3 billion photos, videos and 760 million 80 million GIF.

The battle is going interesting between Snapchat and WhatsApp, Although people will choose what app they want to tell their “story”.

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