In case you’re a person with an outdated cell phone or you’re somebody who never truly required a redesign, then today’s news may intrigue you. At the point when the clock strikes midnight, users may realize that they can no longer utilize WhatsApp. The monstrously favored web messaging application is making outdated cell phones expendable. In the event that you utilize the application on an older version of an iPhone or Android cell phone, odds are it may quit working after today.

With the progression of time, advances in innovation have stamped the application excessively progressed. This implies if people need to continue utilizing the service, they will be compelled to move up to a more up to date handset that supports the application. Recently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp declared that it will forego support for a scope of more previous working systems before the year’s over. While the year has as of now passed, the last effects of the organization’s choice are coming to a close.

WhatsApp is well in front of its opposition with over a billion active users all around the globe. The progressions are relied upon to influence a great many WhatsApp users across the world. Other than older Android cell phones, the change additionally incorporates the iPhone 3GS and the Windows Phone 7. So in case you’re somebody with a outdated handset that is going to lose support for WhatsApp, now may be a decent time to search for an Android handset or an iPhone that supports the application.

WhatsApp MD 730x365 WhatsApp could cease to work on outdated Android and iPhone devices

WhatsApp is one of the most old IM applications available. Despite the fact that it has a considerable measure of contenders available, the service has kept remained a need for users. Google’s Allo was propelled a year ago, bragging one of a kind elements and then some, yet it too neglected to grab away user base from WhatsApp to some degree. Apple’s iMessage platform was likewise updated with iOS 10, gloating an entire outline upgrade and a devoted App Store, but the service is not cross platform so it is accessible to limited amount of people.

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In any case, WhatsApp has settled on its choice to stop support for its administration on more outdated cell phones. Additionally, WhatsApp likewise expressed that it will end its support for more older versions of Windows, iPhones and Android handsets by January. The service is also going to end support for Nokia and Blackberry models by mid-2017.