With Intel’s Z390 being anticipated in all the enthusiast circles, we might surprise you with a minor update this time around. All those specs and features that were being expected out of it aren’t really coming out!

MSI Z370 Motherboards Tease 2060x966 Is Intel’s Z390 chipset really a “Make over” for the 300 series motherboards?
A Rebadged Z370?

Most of the analysts are claiming it to be another Z370 chipset with an iterative rebranding. The chipsets of the Z3xx series are based on the 14nm node but Z370 was the first one to change the tradition. Now for the upcoming Z390 chipset, the rumours are again making it a 14nm process node.

The Disappointment Continues

With Intel’s 10nm issues still not resolved, the disappointment continues to haunt the Intel fans. This also includes no native support for USB 3.1 Gen 2 and other technologies that would’ve made it into the 14nm-based Z390, so there will be third-party controllers used by motherboard makers instead.

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