MWC  2017 is the most trending and hot topic in the technology world nowadays. It is kicking off at 27 Feb. There is no tech show bigger than Mobile World Congress for mobile tech geeks which are going to happen in Barcelona, Spain. This is the place where flagship phones companies are born and launch new technologies intriguing. Every company from Apple, Samsung, and LG to applications developers or small startups will have a chance to show off what their latest innovations. All the latest smartphones will be unveiled at this tech show. Many small companies are launching new and standard phones which will be surprising for us. These new events, surprises, and launching make MWC perfect and interesting.

we will discuss here that what will be trending in this MWC 2017:

The Rise of Lot

Many forgotten and companies which are now almost on the bottom are coming back to regain their positions. Many Biggest phones are expected from LG, Sony, Nokia and ZTE with some Chinese companies. After the big setback in the battery of Samsung galaxy s7 edge. Now Samsung is gonna reclaim its position with its next phone in MWC 2017.

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Dual camera action

Many companies use this feature in their smartphones at last year with many different ways like wide shot camera Now in this MWC 2017, this trend will be a focus again. We will see how different companies use the dual camera.

Virtual reality and beyond

VR is the latest technology on which many top brands of smartphones are working. It is expected that in new launch of Samsung, it will use Virtual reality in its phone to regain its lost position in the fight of the smartphone world. Most of 2017’s top flagship phones will be able to become fully VR compatible.

New Leaked Renders Of The Upcoming HTC U Smartphone Found On Internet
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Chatbots and Digital Payments

The use of chatbots is very common. In MWC 2017, chatbots in services will also be focus heavily, at least two conference sessions are already scheduled for the talk on this issue. Chatbots with the virtual assistants or chatbot in content generation, digital media, commerce and customer engagement will also be going to discuss heavily.