The day is finally here.  Starting tomorrow AMD Ryzen will be available in the market. Till now we have seen a lot of benchmarks, both in regards of computing as well as gaming. And to be honest, they are all impressive. But let’s review what the new platform is all about once again.

AMD’s new Ryzen is made on the company’s new 14nm FinFET architecture. What AMD has achieved with their new Ryzen chip, over their old one. Is basically increase in the overall IPC performance. IPC is also known as instructions per clock and with Ryzen. AMD has boosted it up to 52%.

Because of this bump in IPC. AMD has matched up its performance to its Intel counterpart. Throwing equal blows on each and every step of the way, judging from the benchmarks so far. Where AMD’s top of the line Ryzen 1800X has performance significantly better than the more expensive Intel 6900k.

In the past the red team have always suffered in two areas. Which are performance as well as operating efficiency. And as you can see the red team have paid a lot of attention to these two parts. I’m personally satisfied with the overall performance. Including the efficiency of the chips as well. As the high-end Ryzen 7 family operates at a TDP of 95W. Still lower than Intel.

Overclocking is also a breeze on AMD’s new Ryzen platform. As this time around with the help of XFR also known as Extended Frequency Range. The new chips can push higher than their mentioned boost clocks. Making the chips intelligent enough to decide. If there is any headroom for further overclocking.

Overclocking and Benchmark results for AMD Radeon RX 580 leaked prior to its release - Figures suggest an awesome improvement in the refreshed Polaris 10 GPU

Currently AMD is only planning on selling their high end Ryzen 7 family. Including the 8 cores Ryzen 1800X, 1700X and 1700. There would be other models as well in the future including a 6 cores and a 4 cores Ryzen CPU.

What do you think about AMD’s new Ryzen platform? Are you planning to change from Intel anytime soon.

AMD Ryzen Chip 840x473 A Look At The Upcoming AMD Ryzen
Source: wccftech